life fully hydrated -vi)

So clearly daylight walks ahead of the dark night of some yahoo castrated of its exclamation point these past few years, outsourcing all its last place finishes  from some closeted tech geek commanding six figs on the phone, while multitasked out on some crappy, xbox played out, carjack of a game not worth a five finger discount on the breath of a four letter word. Clearly daylight walks ahead of a couple decades of experience, fabricated just to break into the upper levels of a lower tier player with a high profile corporate name. This kind of ‘mishap’ as it is presented to the world on online news outfits, is no mistake at all. No accident. This kind of event often shows the exact moment clarity in time, truth. The real real. This is your corporate behemoth entity  number now and never again. This is a snapshot. Not an anomaly. You can trust it to burn through the bullshit and deception in our atmosphere, like a polaroid in a cold case file of some undeniable evidence. No matter if the eyes are red and the Kodachrome has been discontinued. This is daylight.Anything else falls behind…

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