life fully hydrated -ii-

There go the highly sought after somebodies. Up on stage for more awards. Dressed to the nines. Some even dressed to the tens. Look! This one goes to eleven. There they go, winning competitions. Beating cancer. Beating one another up. Infantilized by the grocery store rag magz. Retiring then coming out of retirement. Sucking on testosterone lollipops. Representing the USA. Glorified. Representing themselves. Making money. Demonized. Going broke. Gone crazy. Come back. Facing borderline treatment by the press and the public. Loved today. Despised tomorrow. Gimme your autograph. Gimme some time. Gimme some money.

In contrast were the lives of the overwhelming majority. Who felt the economic setbacks. Who faced days which seemed increasingly full with markedly lean or linear certainties. Which could put your worries at ease, what with the simplicity of it all. Any day could of course turn into a complicated entangled mess, of course, like free hanging hair after a ride on someone’s Harley. But the larger truth of a life became more transparent the longer you lived. Yet here we were in this manic-depressive atmosphere. Sometimes it was all we could do to remember to breathe and drink water. Live life fully hydrated, when at all possible.

Technology began to take up more of our time and energy. I guess we felt like we were learning more from our phones than from one another. And we were, I mean, we had to learn to use the technology to get the most out of what it offered. But there was clearly a problem. Some of the skills we had developed in life we were now outsourcing to our phones and tablets and computers. This was bad. Everyone around me was deluged. One got a phone call, two others got texts, and then I got MMS ‘d to my eyeballs. The situation was deteriorating. Still, we were better off than the one who ate too much buttered bread for breakfast and stroked right out, hydrogenated to the gills. Sunk like oil into the soil, some said.

Meanwhile the air smelled of roasting corn in its husk on the grill, wisconsin style, soaked in water so long it needed no foil. Bluetooth looked on enviously at the androids bumping to share secrets with one another. Goddamn androids. Acted like they owned the place. Always getting into fights nowadays with the iphones, Well, the iphones were kind of pretentious. And kinda acted like they were in a cult. I wanted to get away from all these bitches, Blueteeth to Androids to iphones to humans. All of them! Sometimes I just drifted off into my own thoughts.

I thought learning was a bloody hell of a darkened doorway to the depths of naught wasteland, in a landfill fucked space you cannot trespass but just watch further encompass your own, until one day your anxiety’s got you pressed up against the glass, howling out loud, cursing cause you can’t even turn your head… as though you’re in a crowded rush hour subway in manhattan, or the time i got jammed in an elevator to the top of the Sears Tower, Chicago, ten minutes before the blue angels flew past, taking me up off my tired, weak feet. During fleet week.


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