and we miss you

So they finally came over me… wonderfully…. sadly… terribly powerful but so could I only be humbled and basically in tears and sudden mourning and of course, somewhat secretly as is the fashion i guess, or atleast I can say it’s a process instinctuelle not contrived or deliberated or prepared…no, like all matters of things diverse and sundry, the need comes over me to tell somebody and possibly nobody, although my faith resides all over planet heart to the core, that how I express carefully (when im not fooling around with language and rhymes and selfishly practicing new subtle forms of style and lineage download to the system 32, or in my case, 39 going on in cautious anticipation through the forty filter which now is like static or push off of some tropical blemish on some warm yummy blue sky caribbean dream day (which makes life in all (that means every) green spread of earth above sea level, from cuba to barbados across the cuts of rough waters swirling all directions and drawn into tight circles by the rising winds of an incubating tropical depression…hell! the waves lap up against my thoughts with an empathic kiss and on slipping out away moments later. The kiss of the child learning to read and write and get along. Just passed that frightening entrance into the great institution, now feeling warm and even cared for many days of the week, perhaps well acclimated and relieved to have been ushered in so sweetly…with all my being I swear I would tear the fucking eyes out the head of the evil which came across and stole them from us…

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