I get shivers when the dawn arrives and i am up. They start up in my shoulders and arise to the tips of my collarbones, then dive down searchin my spine and lighting up my entire being, my entire life. What was heavy becomes light, what was matte becomes gloss. I catch my local 7/11 breakfast & coffee, brush my teeth then floss.  All of this sometimes in silence. Energy and consciousness arise. Neurotransmission shifts into new highs before your very eyes. Good morning. This is K.

When the orange drips out of her — our rising sun — when her colors peel out lemon into that noontime white heat of light — up out that velvet underground — then she really  touches us. Touching my skin, soakin’ on in.  Her vibration creates psychosocial stimulation.  Ya. For some, a spiritual sensation overcomes all. This sensation cannot be described in words. Comes across in opposition to the noise, the static, the chaos of the city… This is silent. In our year,  twenty eleven. This is K.

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