Intention 2 Mention

Ok — So everyone is invited. Your physical presence will not be necessary. Only your heart, spirit & soul need B present. You either will pick up the signal or you will not. If you do, hold on for a sec (at very least for a mic chec).

Give me a chance to cut through the thick fog of cell phone static unseen in the air. I offer a glass full with high pulp content, no high fructose corn syrup. No way. I serve up a firewall melt of tantalizing spontaneous cathartic emissions, coming across in the kinda hot summer heat waves known to free aspects of body, mind, spirit otherwise frozen, bound, enslaved!

I talk alot of trash, yet exceed expectations. I send mid-twentieth century parents into panic hip gyrations. I might make you laugh. Or cry. I offer balance, half & half. I brew strong sumatra to wake you up. Decaf?  Please. Don’t even ask.

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